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Travel Management

TakeTwo is the only independent, global TMC in today's marketplace where you are guaranteed an outstanding service,  delivered by the best brains in the business.

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Outstanding customer service is centre stage at TakeTwo, achieved through strong, effective leadership, creativity, and passionate, talented employees who put their heart into every transaction. TakeTwo people represent a new mindset in travel management,  as they have unique skills that are hard to find in an industry that let go of some of its brightest and best people.


There's no room for service without a soul at TakeTwo either, as we don't use call centres or bots on the frontline. Our employees weave themselves into the fabric of each client's business, doing whatever it takes to exceed your expectations. Every interaction with TakeTwo is designed to be simple, intuitive, proactive and personalised. 


Take Two's refreshing approach is not held back by legacy systems. Our mission is to free our staff from the repetitive tasks  involved in planning a business trip. Technology performs the mundane processes so that we focus our mind on tailoring our services to meet your demands - before, during and after the trip.


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