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In an ultra-competitive TMC market, company values that resonate and a company culture grounded in reality, ensure that the best stand out from the rest. We prize people over protocol. We employ the brightest people in the business and those with the potential to become the best, with the right kind of training and support. We mould them into great teams and empower them to help our clients make the right choices.


Two of the best-known and well-respected professionals in business travel made a monumental decision, when they were both in lockdown on opposite sides of the Atlantic. They were witnessing the disintegration of the business travel sector they loved and, the exodus of thousands of talented and skilled people. Many were staff they once employed and who they knew well. Chris called Julie and said "Let's fill this gap that all the mergers and acquisitions have left in the market and, most importantly, bring back the talent that left the industry.


TakeTwo had arrived.

"When the world had stopped travelling it took two visionaries to see this was exactly the right time to make a difference."

It was a brave decision. No-one knew what lay ahead for the business travel sector - the outlook was doom and gloom as the government turned their back on the industry. The media, Bill Gates and other sources predicted a 50% or more permanent drop in business travel trips. But, Chris Thelen and Julie Cope were not strangers to a crisis as they had experienced many that had hit the travel sector over the years.


Their outstanding customer focus and relentless ambition to exceed at everything they do has resulted in the successful launch of a transatlantic, boutique  TMC, that is also a diverse-owned business - unique in this industry.


Wholly-owned operations began in the UK and quickly expanded  with offices opening in Cork and North America, to fill the market gap for a multi-national, independent TMC delivering a concierge-style service. As CEO of the most significant new entrant in business travel in recent times, Chris is determined to ensure  both TakeTwo and its clients thrive in the post-pandemic era.


Having a hub in Ireland opens up enormous opportunities for TakeTwo as we have strong transatlantic links - already established within the tri-state area of North America, including staff and operations in New York and Boston.

There is a strong Irish connection in these cities so opening our doors in Cork enables us to serve existing and prospective customers, as around 800 US companies either operate or are headquartered in Ireland.

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Chris Thelen


Unique, dynamic, innovative, personal and direct. This is how Chris likes to work. His business approach is what sets him apart. Under his inspirational leadership, TakeTwo has ambitious plans for its future growth as a leading multi-national independent TMC delivering the best service from the best people.

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Julie Cope


Julie has cherry-picked the best talent in travel management, recruiting only highly skilled individuals with a proven track record and exceptional customer service skills. She doesn’t believe in the call centre culture. TakeTwo has recruited some of the best and brightest brains in travel. Their knowledge is the company’s greatest asset.

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The Take Two travel team are absolute GEMS. Team Sapphire look after my clients as if they were a member of their family and this is the beauty of the unique service they provide.


Linda Bagci, Executive Assistant

Industry: Private Equity

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