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TakeTwo adopts an agnostic approach to online booking adoption. We believe in offering our customers a choice, as many of them prefer a tailored solution that meets their specific needs.


Technology Agnostic


Many TMC's tout their proprietary technology's flexibility, but this binds clients to a single TMC, creates inflexibility and doesn't allow customisation the way a technology-agnostic approach does.

Plug and Play

At TakeTwo our agnostic approach means we can leverage apps more effectively, in a true "plug and play" sense. Which means we meet the surging demand for more dynamic and personalised digital experiences, that can accommodate multiple-device delivery, but more importantly, one that can keep up with rapid change and please your travellers.



APIs, by their very nature, are language-agnostic, which means they can generally integrate with nearly any device or frontend that supports APIs. There’s a clear distinction between a company that adopts API-first versus a company that promotes proprietary technology. A truly API-first platform, like TakeTwo's, allow us the freedom to use the best (and latest)tools in the market and, to customise them for each client.

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