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Is your TMC collaborative?

TakeTwo is a company with soul and we believe that travel management should be a true partnership between TMC, travel supplier and, above all, the client.

We also believe that close collaboration shouldn’t be a privilege reserved for key accounts. That’s why we treat every TakeTwo client the same.


In many TMCs, business travel has become commoditised. Bookings are fulfilled without TMC operational staff having any real understanding of why their clients travel, or of travellers’ personal travel needs. It’s all become rather faceless.

The same applies to the relationship between client and travel supplier. Many TMCs guard their vendor relationships jealously and discourage engagement between each end of the supply chain.

The TakeTwo approach is different. We’re happy to connect our clients with their preferred suppliers because, by encouraging a better mutual understanding, preferred programmes are optimised and all three parties benefit.

Many TMCs (mostly smaller ones) will tell you they prize service over technology. At TakeTwo, our systems are a combination of off-the-shelf and purpose-built tools. Collectively they act as an enabler to the 1-2-1 service every client receives.

Anti-call centre

We are not a fan of the call centre mentality, in which a client deals with a faceless individual or, worse, a chatbot. Each TakeTwo traveller’s requirements are looked after by a dedicated reservations consultant, so they deal directly with someone they know and trust, every time.

Over time, our travel consultants develop an intuitive understanding of each company travel policy and the needs of every traveller within that organisation. It’s impossible to put a value on that understanding and the trust it engenders between traveller and TMC.

Communication is key to each relationship. Whether that’s keeping up to date with any unforeseen itinerary changes, to liaising with travel suppliers and TakeTwo colleagues, it is a highly collaborative job. It’s a process based upon five principles.

1. No one person has all the answers. Through greater collaboration, we can combine the necessary innovation, skills and relationships to maximise trip outcomes.

2. Information must be available to all. By using collaborative business tools, every TakeTwo team member has complete visibility of their client’s travel programme or activity.

3. Improvement via brainstorming. We don’t simply fulfil travel bookings. Instead we bring team members together to pro-actively brainstorm possible improvements to each travel policy.

4. Look beyond the immediate. By making sure every team member understands the big picture as well as the detail around each client travel programme, we can unlock long term value instead of firefighting.

5. Collaboration builds trust. By bringing internal and external stakeholders together, potential issues can be detected and resolved whilst keeping everyone on the same page.

Experience, passion

TakeTwo are experts in the ‘art’ of travel. Our people have, on average, 22 years’ experience of delivering the best possible level of customer service. Each is passionate about what they do, blending expert help with intuitive technology, 24/7, in the office or on the move.

Managing any client requires skills, time, and effort. Within the TakeTwo team, everyone is focussed on doing the best possible job for every client.

Find out how TakeTwo can help your company navigate the post-pandemic business travel landscape. Contact us today.

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