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Is your TMC sustainable?

After a couple of false starts, sustainability is now firmly at the forefront of travel buyers’ thinking. However, many TMCs have yet to smell the coffee.

Thanks to the pandemic, companies are signing up to sustainability pledges and travel-related emissions are in the crosshairs. For these businesses, zero emissions is now a competitive advantage, so the pace of permanent change is growing.

Purposeful travel Sustainability is at the core of the drive towards purposeful travel – travel that achieves or enhances the chances of quantifiable outcomes that directly benefit the business.

Purposeful travel encourages companies to look at travel as an investment rather than a cost. By analysing the purpose of each trip and evaluating its importance, travel spend is optimised, resources are conserved, and carbon footprint is reduced.

The gradual return of business travel has put travel managers on the same page as their environmental, social governance (ESG) colleagues. It’s now in everyone’s interest to balance people, planet and profit by reducing demand and emissions.

TMCs and sustainability Independent research shows that 67% of travel buyers want to understand their TMCs sustainability strategies as part of the sourcing process. 89% of buyers want to see their TMCs provide more sustainability services.

This has caught many TMCs on the hop. Fully shaped sustainability services, integrated into TMC systems are rare because they are still in development. Meanwhile, travel managers are coming under increased pressure from their own bosses to reflect sustainability objectives in travel programmes, so the TMC community is having to play catch-up.

Making change happen So, what is your TMC doing to bring about transformative change? At TakeTwo, our goal is to be carbon-neutral within eighteen months of opening our doors. We’ve only just begun our sustainability journey but are taking significant strides towards being ‘zero-up’.

We believe in setting an example so we’re working with leading consultancy iOffset and are already offsetting our own emissions. We choose our partners carefully. At iOffset, 80% of their revenues go directly into offsetting emissions. We make our contribution count and we’re committed to making our clients’ count too.

Like everything else we do, our sustainability strategy is being shaped by our clients’ wishes. We are partnering with airlines committed to reducing their carbon footprints by using sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) that can cut emissions by up to 80%.

With our clients’ permission, we highlight sustainable transport options, suggesting rail for shorter trips, renting an electric car, or using ride share services.

We are working with hotel groups that are pro-active in dealing with water usage, food waste and plastics and source consumables locally.

Offsetting options We service individuals and companies for whom travel is mission critical. If a client cannot reduce the number of trips they take, we can help them offset the trips they do make.

Our clients can do as much, or as little as they choose, from offsetting their personal trips to offsetting on a wider scale.

Unlike other TMCs who only offer offsetting projects in far flung places, TakeTwo clients can choose projects that are closer to home – and their hearts. iOffset will also create tailor-made projects instead of contributing to a project that’s already underway.

Whatever stage of the sustainability journey you’re on, TakeTwo can be with you every step of the way. We’re not environmental activists, just business providers who understand that climate is now as important as profit.

Find out how TakeTwo can help your company navigate the post-pandemic business travel landscape. Contact us today.

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