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We will always describe ourselves as a NEW DIFFERENT, as it captures the essence of what makes us who we are, something really different from the rest, like a breath of fresh air in a stagnated and stale marketplace.

Trust, Commitment, Respect, Transparency, Collaboration  Positivity

TakeTwo’s heroes are highly experienced individuals who have been hand-picked for their ability to provide support for the complex personal and business travel needs of all travellers, particularly top executives.


They have a proven record of accomplishment for genuine customer care, extensive business travel experience and ability to handle the scrupulous requirements of discerning executives.

We are different

Many companies have modified or even transformed their travel programmes to adopt a more blended approach, where virtual and physical meetings work hand-in-hand. Some clients have adopted a new blended approach to business meetings, where the initial meetings are virtual and continue until such time as a face-to-face meeting becomes more valuable.


TakeTwo work with our clients to adopt new best practices, to help them create a greener travel programme -  reducing carbon emissions, reducing cost and assisting companies to achieve their sustainable goals.

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This is our slogan, because we are disrupting the market to deliver a premium, traveller-centric service which has been out of fashion in our industry for too long.


Our People Are Travel Heroes


We recruited the best travel professionals in the industry as they were laid off by other TMCs, creating a team of the best-and brightest brains in the business.


We Have A Vibe


We’re not burned out, overworked or resentful. We are energetic, passionate, talented, bold, entrepreneurial and full of ideas and innovation.


We Solve Problems


We embrace any challenges because we are agile enough to be able to respond. We’ve built an infrastructure that allows us to design, develop and customise services and solutions, for each and every customer.


We Fill The Gap


Left by a crisis that has seen the sector dominated by mergers, acquisitions and business failures. Competition has been diminished by Mega-Agencies and customers are small fish swimming in a big sea, with less choice and higher prices.


We Are Passionate


Our goal is to provide experiential business travel, in other words, a memorable trip every time. We do this by blending travel expertise with intuitive technology. This isn’t a statement, it’s a fact. Our technology supports our service delivery, not the other way round.


We Are Personal


Embracing the best digital solutions enables TakeTwo to provide a whole new level of personalisation to each and every traveller. We are passionate about democratising the business trip and the corporate travel programme.

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