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TakeTwo assist clients in analysing the true value of their travel spend, providing expertise, resources and training. In some cases this may involve reallocating spend, to commit more budget to fewer, higher-value trips. With 63% of travel managers seeking more approvals to let employees travel on business, we provide guidance on optimising meeting and traveller outcomes. This includes using travel alternatives or blended approaches, where necessary.

We have 10 years to transform the world - we need every company accelerating and amplifying their positive impact.


The Sustainability Institute

Increasingly client are integrating CSR into their procurement decisions, as it relates to labour & human rights, environment and ethics.


How does that relate to a more sustainable travel programme? 



What processes are being followed by corporations?

Adding sustainability into the travel programme involves some upfront costs, such as research and third-party advice - especially when selecting suppliers or seeking certifications. There are also indirect costs as customers, shareholders and investors will increasingly review corporations' green policies.

On the flip side there is a lot of scope to make cost savings.

According to the New Climate Economic Report, the amount of money humanity could save through a global shift to sustainable technologies and techniques would be $26 trillion by 2030 - in increased productivity, innovation and reduced health costs.

Many companies have modified or even transformed their travel programmes to adopt a more blended approach, where virtual and physical meetings work hand-in-hand. Some clients have adopted a new blended approach to business meetings, where the initial meetings are virtual and continue until such time as a face-to-face meeting becomes more valuable.


TakeTwo work with our clients to adopt new best practices, to help them create a greener travel programme -  reducing carbon emissions, reducing cost and assisting companies to achieve their sustainable goals.

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