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Great travel management requires superb content, expert consultants, integrated risk and traveller wellbeing tools, strategic cost management, sustainable solutions and comprehensive data analytics. All wrapped around a slick booking process.

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Our mission is to reduce the amount of friction at every step of the travel programme, not just at the point of sale but throughout the entire cycle. We are able to achieve this through a ONE GLOBAL, DIGITAL, PLATFORM, that allows us to aggregate and standardise across the entire eco-system.

Tensions and Frictions

Q. What do you mean when you talk about frictions and tensions?


A. They have been around for so long, we often don't recognise them. The issues lie within out-of-date business travel systems, business practices and commercial models, which lag behind many other industry sectors.

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Out-dated Technology

Tell me about NOVA

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Q. Why are TMCs so reliant on the GDS?


A. Mega agencies have built their entire business models around GDS-reliance for content. Subsequently, they have invested heavily on building tech stacks that are integrated into closed platforms. This makes it difficult to extract data or customise with additional Apps.

Inefficient Service

Q. Why is it so difficult to get good service at point of sale?


A. Legacy booking management systems create highly inefficient service delivery processes. One of the biggest issues is using the Booking Record (PNR) as the primary booking and data engine. It creates major limitations and impacts agent productivity by up to 70% - leaving less time for even basic customer service.

TakeTwo travel technology optimises travel automation and data so that we can use it intelligently to streamline booking processes, create more experiential business trips and, ultimately transform the agent's experience to allow them to deliver a "white glove" service.

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