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"TakeTwo's objective is to create the ultimate travel experience. This is only achieved by high levels of client engagement ensuring that every travel programme is customised and, that our service delivery is highly personalised. All of this is supported by utilising the latest digital tech to optimise every transaction and customer interaction, resulting in the most superior service in the marketplace."

Chris Thelen, CEO, TakeTwo

Experiential Travel, Delivered

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Our goal is to provide experiential business travel, in other words, a memorable trip every time.


We do this by blending travel expertise with intuitive technology. This isn’t a statement, it’s a fact. Our technology supports our service delivery, not the other way round.  

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Risk, Mitigated

TakeTwo's TRM packages support our clients' strategic approach to balancing Duty of Care with managing Traveller Risk.


Your travellers don't need to worry about disrupted schedules, protocols, border controls or health and safety. TakeTwo takes care of them by providing tactical support every step on the way.

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Spend, Controlled

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TakeTwo assist clients in  analysing the true value of their travel spend. This may involve reallocating  spend, to commit more budget to fewer, higher-value trips.  


We provide guidance on optimising meeting and traveller outcomes. This includes using travel alternatives or hybrid approaches, where necessary.​

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High-Touch, Experienced

There's no room for call centres or bots on the frontline at TakeTwo. Our employees weave themselves into the fabric of every clients' business, doing whatever it takes to exceed expectations.


Every interaction with our TakeTwo staff is designed to be simple, intuitive , proactive and personalised. No press one, press two, annoying bots, unanswered phones, or disjointed service.

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Carbon Footprint, Reduced


TakeTwo proactively guide our clients towards greener  travel options, partnering with leading consultancy firm iOffset.


They provide flexible options from offsetting personal trips, to rolling out a fully supported carbon negative travel programme.

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Friction, Less

Customising the right technology tools ensures travellers are guaranteed a personalised experience, with a simple, efficient and streamlined solution. 


We achieve this using the latest technology stacks, tailored and designed to remove friction and tension before, during and after each business trip. We define our customer experiences as Service-at-a-Scale (SaaS), and this is a fundamental differentiator from any other TMC in the marketplace.

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Frictionless Travel
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