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Creators of experiential travel, weaving ourselves into the fabric of each client's business to exceed their expectations.

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A NEW DIFFERENT captures the essence of what makes TakeTwo who we are – and that is a traveller-centric company whose service is powered by the industry’s first, truly fully integrated global technology platform. 


Our primary focus is to provide our clients with a premium, personalised, high-touch service, combined with quality data and a seamless, frictionless booking experience.


TakeTwo's leadership team have created a TMC business with a clear set of values and a unique culture from day one. One in which every traveller’s interaction with our organisation leaves them feeling valued and understood. Our ethos is to create a win-win relationship with our customers, our people and our partners, to ensure that every transaction between us and the traveller exceeds their expectations.


To achieve that we attract the most seasoned industry experts, by creating flexible working conditions - unlike most of our competitors. 


We now have a team of over 100 highly skilled professionals, who are the best at what they do. They have joined a culture that encourages innovation, majors on collaboration and excellent communication - and, where co-operation and risk-sharing are a given. Failures lead to enquiry, not blame and success is shared, not owned.


TakeTwo offer our clients Service-at-a-Scale (SaaS), rather than Software as a Service and, that is fundamentally what differentiates us from every other travel management provider.


We build our technology around our service - not the other way around. So our focus is to streamline booking processes, create more experiential business trips and, ultimately transform the agent's experience to allow them to deliver a "white glove" service.

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Accessible Leadership is active at TakeTwo - we encourage open dialogue across the business

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"The TakeTwo approach to personal bespoke service and building client trust is integral to our ethos. No other TMC in Ireland can offer clients a single technology platform across the world with plug and play solutions, consistent quality control and consolidation of reporting"

Paul Sexton, General Manager, TakeTwo Travel Solutions

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